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The Benedict School Saint Petersburg’ is one of the leading teaching centres for Russian as a second language. We offer extensive programmes all year round, for visitors of all language levels interested in learning about Russian language and culture. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our courses are tailored to your particular needs.


Our customer service means that visa invitation, registration and accommodation arrangements are sorted out for you along with any potential problems.The course curriculum is designed by our faculty of highly-qualified, native Russian teachers.

Various aspects of life in Russia such as traditions, folk culture and history are covered, paying special attention to real-life situations. On passing the course, you will receive a certificate detailing your performance and improvement. Many of our language and culture courses are accredited by the top European and international universities.

There are more than 3,000 satisfied graduates from the Benedict School programme and it is a testament to our success that each year we welcome over 200 students of various ages and backgrounds from all over the world to our school.

In addition, we offer instruction to international undergraduate and post-graduate students, lecturers and others, interested in Russian cultural and political studies at the same time as learning the language.
A specially designed course in Business Russian is available along with educational programmes for diplomatic representatives, their families and members of international organizations.

We also arrange linguistic and cultural practice for Russian native speakers residing abroad, who are looking to perfect their language and cultural skills. These courses often attract second and third generation Russian immigrants from all over the world.

Saint Petersburg is an excellent choice for students of Russia’s historical, sociological and cultural heritage. Residents are well-known for their ’classical’ knowledge of spoken Russian and eager to help visitors in need of language practice.
The city has the services, clubs, parks and palaces to rival any European capital with a substantially lower cost of living. You will never run out of things to do in Saint Petersburg, but if you are stuck for an idea we also organize cultural programmes for our students with healthy discounts.

Architectural gems like Pskov and Novgorod are easily reachable as day trips or by overnight train and bus. Weekend excursions to Moscow, Vyborg and other destinations are frequently organized.
Over the last twenty years, we have enabled students to speak good Russian in a short period of time and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The total cost of the program depends upon duration and services rendered and can be negotiated on an ad-hoc basis.


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