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Group courses

If you choose to study in a group then you will be in a class with a maximum of 8 students. On arrival you will take a short test to determine which class is right for you. We cater for beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced level students.

At higher levels the courses are designed for visitors who wish to improve their existing language skills. In class, you will have the opportunity to improve your speaking, reading, comprehension and writing, while special emphasis is placed on speaking and grammar.


Our communication based teaching method provides a balanced programme and ensures you improve your understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills. Small-sized classes and experienced teachers guarantee success.

Our programme is aimed at:

1)     Training in Russian grammar with an emphasis on the most difficult aspects for foreigners.

2)     Developing communication skills in conversation classes.

3)     Obtaining a grounding in the language of mass media and the contemporary situation in Russia

4)     Improving  pronunciation and translation skills

5)     Introducing students to Russian culture and arts (through the history of Russian films)

6)     Expanding students’ vocabulary through language games


We run a variety of programmes of different lengths, intensities and focuses, starting throughout the year. A range of Russian courses are on offer to fit the needs of students, business professionals or simply those looking for intensive Russian classes and wanting the chance to explore St. Petersburg. All courses are based on a wide variety of historical and cultural resources, as well as authentic modern texts.

If you need invitation for the course and registration in St. Petersburg this can be provided at the additional cost of a 100-EURO administration fee. You will be met at the airport/train or bus-station by a member of our staff and be given all necessary instructions by our administrator and welfare officer.

For accommodation you can choose

1)     Homestay B&B ,Price:15 EUROs per night(single room)

2)     Student hostel- 25 EUROS per night (single room)

3)     Hotel accommodation – from 50 EUROS per night (upon request)

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