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"I completed my TEFL certification with Benedict School in May and June of 2016. Overall, I found it to be a very positive and useful experience. As a native speaker, I didn’t possess a very deep knowledge of the intricacies of English grammar before starting the course, much less how to actually explain them to students. However, by the end of the course, I felt confident in my ability to teach effectively and have been teaching professionally ever since finishing with my certification.

TEFL is an intensive course that packs a considerable bounty of information into a four-week training session, but the instructors were all very knowledgeable and helpful, and there is plenty of practice in preparing for lessons and the act of teaching itself. I would recommend the TEFL course to anyone interested in exploring a career in English teaching."

18.02.2019                                                                                                      Jonathan

I took the TEFL course in 2012, and I can recommend it to anybody who wishes to get the TEFLqualification.

The course was not only interesting but also very helpful in learning all the skills needed to be a teacher.

20.02.2019                                                                                                        David




Benedict School is the perfect environment for anybody wishing to gain firsthand experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign language. The TEFL course it offers through Via Lingua is intense but incredibly fulfilling. After only a week of lectures you begin teaching prospective students, where you are observed by Benedict School’s experienced staff and given in depth, constructive feedback after each of your lessons. Whether it be planning the structure of your lesson, understanding key grammatical points or simply knowing how to adapt your teaching style appropriately when faced with students of a higher/lower ability, your TEFL instructors provide you with all the tools necessary to improve. As somebody who has never found it easy to speak publicly, the thought of teaching my first ever lesson to a group of strangers was incredibly daunting. But thanks to Benedict School’s warm atmosphere and its instructors’ personal and friendly approach, I was able not only to hone my speaking skills but also gain confidence on a personal level. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching English as a foreign language.

21.02.2019                                                                                                        Jack
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I attended the TEFL course at the Benedict School in St. Petersburg, Russia. The course was very intensive covering a wide variety of topics ranging from grammar to classroom management. The purpose of the course was to prepare prospective EFL teachers to succeed in the classroom. The course did exactly that; the instructors were professional and personable. Although they had to cover a lot of material in a short timeframe, they always made the time to answer your questions or to review any material with you. If anyone out there is considering a TEFL certificate, I would highly recommend the Benedict School.

Not only are the TEFL instructors competent, but there is also the allure of St. Petersburg. This city offers so much history and beauty, and I can certainly tell you, that you will not be bored in this city.

25.02.2019                                                                                                        Scott

 I completed my TEFL Certificate with Benedict School. I found the 4-week Intensive Course to be challenging as it really tested my knowledge of the English language. I am extremely grateful for the experienced trainers who nurtured me and helped me grow. I successfully passed the course and promptly found work as a teacher. It was all thanks to the highest quality training that I had received.

28.02.2019                                                                                                        Matt